Hispanic Real Estate Agent Triples Her Online Leads and Gets Over 40 Exclusive Homebuyer Leads in less than 5 Days
Written by Said Hamood on Aug. 27th 2019
Are you a Real Estate Agent struggling to get new home buyer leads? In today's digital world the strategy to attaining new leads couldn't be more convoluted. While there are many ways to attain homebuyer leads, an effective digital marketing campaign can provide you the assurance that no matter what, your database grows day after day with predictability. 
 $4k In 2 Weeks With Simple 2 Page Sites
Written by Said Hamood on Aug. 26th 2019
How Said gave himself a $4k raise in under 2 weeks.
16 Practical Ways To Get Out Of Debt
Written by Said Hamood on Aug. 17th 2019
Here are 16 practical ways to getting out of debt starting today.
10 Things Successful People Do Every Morning
Written by Said Hamood on July. 12th 2019
Entrepreneurs, executives, and influencers know just how important mornings are to their overall success. Self-discipline and routine rule supreme for highly successful people, which is why many exhibit similar morning habits. After all, a productive morning leads to a more productive day, less stress, and better health.

Experts Reveal Top Tips to Help Build Your Online Brand
Written by Said Hamood on Jan. 10th 2018
Online branding is so much more than having a well-designed website or regularly posting to a Facebook page. It’s about creating a connection, establishing a voice, and making your business stand out from the pack. But where do you begin?
Become an Entrepreneur Today: 5 Essential Steps to Start Your Own Business
Written by Said Hamood on Aug. 16th 2018
Have you always thought about owning a business but don’t know where to begin? The road to becoming an entrepreneur can seem long and daunting, but it’s easier than you might think — especially with all the helpful resources available to entrepreneurs today. And the payoff is invaluable: You get to be your own boss, create value for others, and follow your passion.