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Hispanic Real Estate Agent Triples Her Online Leads and Gets Over 40 Exclusive Homebuyer Leads in less than 5 Days
Written by Said Hamood on Aug. 23rd 2019
For one particular Real Estate Agent, generating exclusive homebuyer leads was an essential strategy for growing her business. After multiple attempts developing her own marketing campaigns, she realized spending her time building campaigns on her own wasn't the best use of her time. Not knowing exactly what would work or how to build a profitable lead generating machine, she decided to hire a marketing agency that specializes in lead generation for Real Estate Agents. Within hours of launching her campaign, leads began to flow in and her online leads tripled within 5 days. 
The Strategy
As social media continues to grow, being able to stand out is the name of the game. So, for this particular campaign, a dual-pronged collaborative approached was implemented. To start, a 45-second "selfie video" was recorded by the agent herself. After some minor editing and simple ad copy, the next step involved targeting her ideal clients in her target market. Within 5 days of launching her campaign, Adriana received over 40 exclusive first-time home buyer leads ready to meet and discuss their options. Not only this, included in her campaign was multi-channel automated follow-up which skyrocketed her contact rates and gave her peace of mind knowing she didn't have to do all the heavy lifting on her own. 
The Video
The Automated Follow-Up Series
The fortune is in the follow-up. 
The Result
Adriana is busier than ever and is working on helping more families achieve their dream of homeownership. Within 1 week Adriana was able to connect with 45 new homebuyer leads. In less than 30 days, Adriana was able to connect with over 126 leads. Want to know the best part? Out of this one campaign, Adriana got 2 Pre-approved buyers and has 2 more in the works!
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